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A Complete MRI Education Solution

The performance required for a complete exploration of Magnetic Resonance methodologies.


Compact & Lightweight

With a weight of only 8.5 kg, ilumr is portable and perfect for use in your classroom and laboratory.

Out of the box setup

No software installation required. Simply connect to ilumr's WiFi network or Ethernet and load the interface in a web browser.

Software - Powerful & Intuitive

An intuitive interface that offers multiple levels of user experience.

Open source Content

Deploy ilumr easily in your classroom with out-of-the-box interactive lab courseware. 

Imaging Capabilities

Perform 1D, 2D, & 3D MRI experiments and generate high-resolution images in minutes. Gain information on tissue structure with T1 & T2 optimisation and complex Diffusion-weighted & tensor imaging. See our image gallery below for more details.

Standard Kitset

ilumr comes with a standard 10mm RF probe, shim sample, and a set of 3D printed phantoms for the laboratory courseware. 

Optional Extras

15mm RF Probe

Image larger samples with the 15mm probe, also includes a shim sample & example phantoms.

Vector Flow imaging kit

Perform 4D flow imaging experiments with the ilumr flow kit which comes with a range of phantoms.

Magnet Design

Halbach Array, 14 MHz field strength

Temperature control

PID with 0.001 °C resolution

Temperature operating range

18 °C to 24 °C

1 H 50% Linewidth

10mm sample volume < 70 Hz

Gradient Strength

150mT/m (X,Y, & Z)


First & second order (Z2, X2Y2, XY, ZX, & ZY)

Digital Processor

Dual-core ARM Cortex-A9

Digital Recieve Processor

FPGA, 32-bit quadrature output


Dual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n up to 100Mbps


IEEE 802.3 10/100/1000 Mbps

Operating System

Embedded Linux


Python - see our technical page for more information

Power Supply

DC, 24V 120W

System Weight

8.5 kg


250 x 250 x 315 mm

External I/O’s

2 inputs, 5 outputs, 3.3V logic level

Specifications & Resources

Technical Specifications

A more in depth datasheet for ilumr.

ilumr User Guide

Learn how to setup ilumr and run experiments.

Flow kit User Guide

Learn how to setup the vector flow imaging kit.


Access our latest content.

Software API

Read the Docs for our matipo API

MRI is a powerful tool for non-invasive medical diagnosis and other applications where non-destructive imaging is needed, however worldwide access to MRI systems is extremely limited.


ilumr is engineered to remove the roadblock to learning by giving future practitioners and technologists a hands-on experience on a cost-effective and portable imaging system.


Students will benefit from interactive learning as they deconstruct the complexities of MRI technology, from the basics of image acquisition, contrast methods, and artifacts to pulse sequence development.

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