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matipo - mini

A fixed configuration cost optimised version of our NMR spectrometer console.

  • Integrated 3W RF amplifier & 8 channel gradient/shim controller

  • Internal factory tuned duplexer

  • Combine with an ilumr desktop MRI system to measure other Nuclei such as Na & 13C

matipo - configurable

Choose from a range of hardware options to build a solution for your application.​

  • RF amplifier & gradient control options

  • Can be supplied without an RF amplifier

  • OEM options for industry applications

Technical Specifications & Options

Fast Digital GPI:

 1 trigger input

Temperature Sensor:

Dual PT100 Input

WiFi Connectivity:

Dual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n


EEE 802.3 10/100/1000 Mbps

Software Interface:

JupyterLab Environment

Python Notebooks:

Custom experiment workflows

Pulse Programs:

Python-based Pulse Sequencer


Run experiments programmatically

Embedded Processor:

Dual-core ARM Cortex-A9

Operating System:


Digital Recieve Processor:

FPGA, 32-bit quadrature

RF Transmit:

1x 16-bit DAC, 100 MSPS

RF Recieve:

1x 16-bit ADC, 100 MSPS


Low noise with 60 - 80 dB Gain


Tuned to required Frequency

Fast Digital GPO:

8 channels

Common Specifications

Frequency Range:

100 kHz - 30 MHz

Integrated RF Amplifier:

250W Class AB

Heater Driver:

100W Output

DC Power Supply: 

External 48V, 280W

Gradient Controller:

8x 16-bit +/- 10V   

Diffusion Gradient:

1x 20-bit +/- 10V

Frequency Range:

3 MHz - 20 MHz

Integrated RF Amplifier:

3W, 60MHz bandwidth

Heater Driver:

50W Output

Gradient Controller:

8x 14-bit +/- 2.5V analogue outputs

DC Power Supply:

External 24V, 120W

matipo mini - fixed configuration

matipo - factory configurable

A Platform for Rapid MR Development

A cost optimised, configurable range of single channel spectrometers with integrated RF amplifier & gradient control options. Leverage the power & flexibility of our software platform for your research & industry applications.

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