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JupyterLab Environment

  • Connect from any device instantly with a Web-based interface.

  • Use the built-in file browser to manage experiments and data.

  • Arrange Python notebooks & dashboard apps in a flexible layout.

Dashboard Apps

  • System setup & calibration

  • Run standard experiments and visualize results

  • Build your own experiment apps with Python

Python Notebooks

  • Programmatically run pulse programs

  • Perform custom data processing with Numpy, SciPy, and other libraries

  • Visualise results with matplotlib, Bokeh, bqplot, Ipyvolume etc

  • Combine documentation with the code using markdown syntax

  • Build interative experiments with IPython widgets​

Pulse Sequences in Python

  • Create arbitrary pulse sequences with Python code

  • Perform calculations within a pulse program

  • Directly set RF digital synthesizer amplitude/frequency/phase and gradient values

  • Use library functions to generate frequency-selective RF pulses and trapezoid gradients

  • No separate compile step, edit the pulse program or parameters and run immediately


Our software is built on a variety of widely used open-source tools to provide an interface that is accessible at multiple levels of user experience.

Software API

Read the Docs for our matipo API

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